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The ENJOY Chocolate range was developed with the support of one chef and one amateur chocolate-maker, based on an idea by the Founder of UAFA, with the aim of creating a social business that would be popular and help to raise funds for UAFA’s work with children with disabilities.

The first chocolate was sold as a school Christmas Fair in December 2017, to test the market.  During its’ first two years, ENJOY has generated approximately 50,000AZN in sales.

ENJOY makes regular donations from the proceeds of the sales to UAFA, paying for Child Development Specialists to continue working in remote villages and towns where services for children with disabilities do not otherwise exist.  Their work enables more children to be included to society, to go to school and to lead a productive life instead of being hidden away or abandoned to a residential institution. 

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All the ingredients are products of Azerbaijan, with the exception of the Belgian chocolate, which is high grade and imported.

Cream from Ismaili cows.  Honey from local bees.  Herbs and spices that are picked daily.  Different fruits that grow in the various climate zones of the country.  We purchase the ingredients fresh upon order, and the shelf life of our product is short because we do not use preservatives. The tastes are completely natural and vibrant.

The flavours are matched with milk, dark and white chocolate to ensure that a perfect taste combination is achieved.


We offer 9 flavours which can be combined in luxury red, brown and heart shaped boxes.

Box of 16 chocolates - 20 AZN

Box of 24 chocolates - 30 AZN

Box of 40 chocolates - 50 AZN

Heart shaped box of 18 chocolates - 25 AZN


You may select your own choice or leave it up to us.  Please order through Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or our website.  

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